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Cavity Wall, Loft & External Insulation in the South East

Want to cut your heating bill without sacrificing comfort?

In the UK, we have some of the most poorly insulated housing in Europe, meaning we typically spend more money to heat our homes as warm air escapes through our roof and walls. Without insulation, your boiler will have to work harder to bring your home up to the temperature you’ve set – and keep it there.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the comfort of your home and make it more energy efficient, insulation is a valuable investment. Insulation forms a thermal barrier between the inside of your property and the outside, reducing heat loss. It helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer – plus, it provides a range of other benefits from reduced external noise to protecting your family from pollutants and allergens.

Why choose NCS for insulation installation?

At NCS, we provide expert insulation solutions that will help you save on heating bills, whilst keeping your home warmer, quieter and more comfortable throughout the year. This will help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and air quality, as well as helping reduce its carbon footprint. Our fully qualified installers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a tailored solution for your property, so why not get a quote to find out how much you could save?

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Improve energy efficiency

Good quality insulation can reduce heat losses in cold weather and heat gains in warmer weather, helping you to save money on your energy bills year after year with enhanced efficiency.

Maximise your comfort

Insulation helps you to keep a warm, cosy home in winter and stay in cool in the hotter months, maintaining a more stable temperature throughout the year without any cold draughts.

Prevent health risks

By preventing the growth of fungi, mould and mildew in your home with high-quality insulation, you can improve your indoor air quality and reduce any risks to your health and wellbeing.

Minimise noise level

Insulation acts as an additional layer of sound deadening, allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep with protection from external noise - from loud neighbours to traffic.

Our insulation services

Cavity Wall Insulation Installation

You might be surprised to know that up to 33% of the heat in your home can be lost through your interior walls without sufficient insulation. Cavity wall insulation involves drilling small holes into your exterior walls and blowing insulation into the cavity with specially designed equipment, which acts as a blanket for your home with little fuss or mess. Once the insulation is blown into the cavities, the drilled holes within the brickwork are filled for a barely noticeable finish.

If your house was built after the 1930s, it's likely that you have cavity walls that could benefit from insulation. At NCS, our professional insulation installers can help you to reduce condensation within your home, minimise heat loss, save on your energy bills and enjoy thermal comfort all year round.

Loft Insulation Installation

Did you know that a quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated room? Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is simple and effective way to minimise heat loss and reduce your heating bills - and we're here to help. As specialists in installing mineral wool insulation and Low-E Foil Insulation, we can help you to achieve potential savings of up to £140-£250 a year, whilst reducing your carbon dioxide emissions by up to a metric tonne.

If your loft is already insulated, it's worth checking that you've got enough insulation to get the maximum saving. If everyone in the UK installed 270mm loft insulation, we could save nearly £210 million – and almost 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, the equivalent of taking nearly 364,000 cars off the road.

External Wall Insulation Installation

If your home was built before 1920, it's likely that you have solid external walls without a cavity, meaning that traditional methods of insulating a home such as pumped insulation can't be used. If you're looking to cut your heating costs, improve the thermal comfort of your home, and are suffering from damp, mould or mildew, external wall insulation provides an effective solution with a multitude of benefits.

In addition to making your home warmer, cheaper to run and more eco-friendly, external wall insulation can transform the look of your property by renewing the appearance of outer walls. The process involves fixing a layer of high-quality insulation material to the external wall faces, before a render is applied in your chosen finish. From classic pebble dash to contemporary smooth or textured renders in any colour, brick effect, paint or panels, this non-disruptive service can visually rejuvenate your home for a brand new look.

Low-E Foil Insulation Installation

At NCS we can also install Low-E Foil Insulation, a unique type of insulation designed to be more efficient and occupy less space than other insulation materials, which allows the loft to be boarded for storage without affecting thermal performance. Keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, Low-E Foil Insulation stops the infiltration of dust pollen and other allergens into the property, in addition to boasting a unique Class 1 Fire Rating.

Low-E Foil Insulation is primarily used in general construction, attic and crawl spaces, under roofing, or within walls, as part of the building’s insulation system. This versatile material can also be utilised in HVAC systems, auto/boat insulation, commercial steel and post frame buildings.

Made from non-toxic Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam heat laminated between two surfaces of pure aluminium, Low-E Foil Insulation comes in large, lightweight rolls for easy installation and significant cost savings.

“It’s unusual to find a company takes such pride in finding pragmatic, cost effective solutions for customers. Without any prompting NCS provided heaps of (free) advice on how to reduce heat loss and optimise the heating, using infra-red equipment to analyse sources of heat loss. We are blown away by their level of knowledge, ability and customer service, and so grateful for the fuel savings we are now enjoying.”

Cordelia Spalding