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Oil Boiler Installation in the South East

Save up to £350 per year on heating bills with a modern, efficient oil boiler

If you live in one of the UK’s 4 million homes that are not connected to a mains gas supply, it’s likely that you have an oil-fired boiler for your heating and hot water. Well-maintained oil boilers can last for up to 20 years, but if your boiler has started to break down, require regular repairs, perform poorly, or has caused your heating bills to rise, it might be time to consider upgrading to a new, more efficient model.

At NCS, we’ll help you to choose the right oil-fired boiler for your home or business. Using our decades of experience in the industry and unrivalled technical expertise, we ensure that each boiler we install, service or repair provides complete customer satisfaction, keeping you warm all year round. We are also experienced in installing and replacing domestic oil tanks for an all-in-one professional service.

Why choose NCS for a new oil boiler?

We only fit and install new oil-fired boilers that are tried and tested, using well-known and highly reliable boiler manufacturers including Worcester, HRM and Grant. As approved installers, we can offer extended warranties of up to 7 years. The system can be fully flushed during the installation process using the latest Power Flushing technology. Magna filters and inline scale reducers will be installed to ensure you get the maximum life-span from your new system. Prices vary dependent on boiler choice, system design and budget.

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What type of oil boiler is right for me?

Modern condensing oil boilers come in several different types, each offering benefits for different usage scenarios based on the size of your home and your heating and hot water demands. Available in both wall and floor-mounted variants, the two most popular choices are conventional or combi boilers.

Standard (Conventional)

A standard oil boiler incorporates a boiler and extended controls, a feed and expansion cistern, a hot water cylinder typically in the airing cupboard, and cold water storage tanks located in the loft. The tank delivers water down to the boiler or cylinder as and when it needs to be heated, either on your own set schedule or with a short delay before you are able to access hot water. With its own water storage tank, a standard boiler is able to meet the demands of multiple taps and showers operating at once without any effect on water pressure. Once you have used up all of the hot water, you will need to wait until the boiler fires up and produces new hot water.

Most suitable for:

Standard oil boilers are most suitable for larger households where hot water is needed in significant quantities for heating, baths, washing machines and dishwashers. As standard boilers require a tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder, plenty of space is needed.

Combination (Combi)

In comparison, a combi oil boiler delivers heating and hot water on demand within a compact heating system that doesn't require a tank or a cylinder. The boiler instantly heats the cold water from the mains supply whenever a hot water tap or shower is turned on. By eliminating the need to store water, combi boilers are a great space-saving option, whilst offering significant fuel cost and installation savings due to their compact systems. Since a combi boiler supplies water directly from the mains without its own water tank, combi boilers tend to reduce dramatically reduce water pressure if multiple taps or showers are used in different rooms.

Most suitable for:

Combi boiler systems are generally more suitable for smaller households, flats and bungalows where space is at a premium and there are a smaller number of users with modest heating and hot water demands. Some of the latest combination boilers can suit larger households.

Could you be eligible for a free grant to improve the efficiency of your home?

Under the ECO4 scheme, qualifying homeowners can access a grant for a wide range of efficiency improvements for their home. From solid wall insulation (internal and external), cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, and pitched roof & roof room insulation, to solar PV panels, heating systems & controls, and more. See if you could qualify using our simple application form.

Up to two years interest-free finance

Flexible finance options to suit you

When your old boiler needs to be replaced, the cost of a new one can seem daunting. As Worcester Diamond Accredited Installers, we help thousands of homeowners each year through a range of flexible finance options via Hitachi Finance on any Worcester installation. Learn more about our selection of finance options to find a plan that suits your budget and spread the cost of your new boiler and installation into small monthly payments.

Up to 2 Years Interest-Free

Split the cost of your high-spec boiler into 24 small monthly payments completely interest-free.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Delay paying a penny on your boiler for up to 12 months with our interest-free BNPL scheme.

Up to 10 Years 9.9% APR

Spread the cost of your new boiler over repayments up to 120 months (10 years) with no-deposit options.