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Secure Radbot1 Self-Learning TRV Head

Upgrade your heating system with the Secure Radbot1 Self-Learning TRV Head, the intelligent thermostatic radiator valve that saves you money and energy. With its advanced technology, the Radbot1 monitors light and humidity to learn your occupancy patterns, heating each room only when you’re there and adjusting the temperature automatically when you’re away. It even learns how long it takes to warm up a room, ensuring your comfort upon arrival. Easy to install and compatible with any wet central heating system, the Radbot1 offers zonal control and protection against frost and humidity. Say goodbye to wasted heating and hello to efficient, cost-effective heating control.

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Tired of wasting money on heating empty rooms? Upgrade to the next generation of intelligent heating controls with the Secure Radbot1. Compared to a manual TRV1, this innovative device will save you money off your heating bills while providing optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

How does it work? The Radbot1 utilises advanced technology to monitor changes in light and humidity, enabling it to build a pattern of occupancy for each room. It intelligently heats the room when you’re present and automatically lowers the temperature when you’re not, resulting in significant energy and cost savings. Additionally, the Radbot1 learns the heating duration for each room, ensuring a warm and cosy environment when you arrive. Even if your schedule changes, the Radbot1 quickly adapts and updates the heating pattern accordingly.

Not only is the Radbot1 an excellent investment for your home, but it is also SAP Listed, making it one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve Part L compliance. It can help you meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations or Net Zero EPC targets. On average, it provides 2-3 SAP points, suitable for both new build and retrofit properties.

With incredible return on investment, the Radbot1 is a low-cost solution that outperforms other measures in terms of cost-effectiveness. Just take a look at the relative cost per SAP point improvement:

  • Radbot 1: £61
  • Hot water tank jacket insulation: £9
  • Loft insulation (virgin): £78
  • Standard heating controls: £82
  • Cavity wall insulation: £133
  • Air source heat pump: £509
  • Underfloor insulation: £886
  • External wall insulation: £1139

Field trials and controlled testing have shown average savings of 12%, with some homes experiencing savings of up to 30%.


  1. Easy Installation: The Radbot1 is a simple replacement for standard thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and can be installed in minutes.
  2. Fully Automated: Say goodbye to complicated schedules, Wi-Fi connections, and smartphone apps. The Radbot1 operates autonomously, providing hassle-free control.
  3. Comfort Boost Button: Need maximum heat for a quick warm-up? The Radbot1 includes a comfort boost button that provides 30 minutes of intense heating.
  4. Compatibility: The Radbot1 works seamlessly with any wet central heating system using radiators, including air source heat pumps (ASHPs).
  5. Zonal Control: With room-by-room control, each space in your home will always feel just right.
  6. Protection: The Radbot1 features frost and humidity detection, as well as automatic maintenance to prevent stuck valves.

In addition, the Radbot1 is an eligible measure under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and qualifies under the Time and Temperature Zone Controls (TTZC3) measure category. It can be claimed in conjunction with standard heating controls, TRVs, and smart thermostats.

Installation is a breeze! Simply remove the existing TRV head and screw on the Radbot1. No plumbing or wiring is required, and it comes with 5 valve adaptors to fit almost any domestic-style TRV valve. It can be purchased as a control head only or in packs with TRV valve body and lock shield. The Radbot1 is compatible with all standard heating controls and smart thermostats, and the installation time is less than 20 minutes per house.

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