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Why Choose a Quiet Mark Certified Air Source Heat Pump?

Did you know that noise pollution can cause health issues such as sleep disturbance, stress, high blood pressure, and even heart disease?  At NCS, we’re proud to offer a wide range of top-quality Air Source Heat Pumps which are Quiet Mark certified, ensuring your new heating system provides high performance in a quiet package. So, what is Quiet Mark, and why is choosing a Quiet Mark certified Air Source Heat Pump so important? Let’s explore in our latest blog.

What is Quiet Mark?

Quiet Mark is an independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, implementing a rigorous scientific testing and assessment process to identify high-quality products that ensure the reduction or elimination of noise pollution across a wide range of industries – from home appliances to building sector materials. Quiet Mark’s technical assessments utilise the latest technology to analyse not just the level of sound but also its character, as certain sound qualities, tonalities and fluctuations can be distressing at any decibel level. In doing so, Quiet Mark provides reliable and unbiased listings of certified products that the consumer can trust to make minimal sound, championing the protection of our health and wellbeing by putting noise reduction at the forefront of design.

Why Are Low Sound Levels Important Within Our Homes?

As the world shifts to hybrid working, we are now spending more time at home for both living and working – meaning that ensuring that noise levels within our homes are kept to a minimum has become even more vital in maintaining our mental & physical health, productivity, and social interactions. Choosing a Quiet Mark certified product guarantees your acoustic comfort by keeping unwanted noise to an absolute minimum within your home and garden, protecting the wellbeing of you and your family.

How Does Noise Pollution Affect Our Environment?

Noise pollution doesn’t just affect us. Our pets, and local wildlife, can be affected by frequencies we can’t even hear. Many animals use sound to move around, or communicate, over long distances. As Air Source Heat Pumps are typically situated outside, a loud appliance can interfere with wildlife’s ability to live, communicate, and procreate. That means that, whilst Air Source Heat Pumps already offer fantastic eco-friendly benefits with significantly reduced emissions, our Quiet Mark certified Air Source Heat Pump installations compounds our commitment to preserving the environment by minimising our impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Want to Find Out More?

At NCS, you can be sure that our state-of-the-art Air Source Heat Pump installations are completed with you and your family’s health in mind, protecting you from the detrimental effects of noise pollution. Get in touch with the NCS team to find out more about this incredible renewable technology, and request your Air Source Heat Pump appointment today:

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